Tri tip vs Brisket – The Beefy Battle

In today’s episode of beefy battle we bring you the most renowned beef cuts, Brisket and Tri tip! Now it is very important to learn about different beef cuts because they not only come in different shapes and sizes but different flavors and textures too!

Curious to know which cut will break the delish scale? Keep reading and find out which one is better than the other and wins the most anticipating match!

Before we move on to the differences of these flavorful cuts, let’s get ourselves a little familiar with what exactly is Tri Tip and Brisket because what’s a contest without a few introductory remarks, right? And if you already have done your research in these beef cuts and are familiar with it then my dear meaty lovers skip down to the differences already and summon the wisdom of meat cut within yourself!

What is Tri Tip?

Tri tip vs Brisket

Tri tip is named after its shape. It is a triangular cut of beef with three tips cut from the bottom sirloin. In easy words, this meaty flavor-packed cut is obtained from the bottom by the hip of the cow. Tri tip is lean and naturally tender. Originally from California, tri tip goes by many names (some often incorrect) such as California cut, Newport steak, Santa Maria steak and so much more!

What is Brisket?

Brisket doesn’t come in a specific shape, it rather gets its name from the place it is found at – beneath the first five ribs and behind the fore shank. In other words, this comparatively huge cut is obtained from the breast of the cow. Brisket is a tough meat and is often divided into two pieces. One way to identify this gigantic meaty beauty is that it has one side covered with fat entirely.

Difference between Tri tip and Brisket Cut – A Head-To-Head Comparison

Beef cuts have been introduced, knowledge has been shared and wisdom has been summoned. It is finally the time to take these two beef cuts on a cutting board, put them under a study lamp and surround them with scrutinizing eyes for an intense comparison session!

  • Tri tip vs Brisket – The Size

Tri tip and brisket do not just differ in shape, they both naturally come in different sizes as well. Brisket, without a doubt, wins the first round here because there is no arguing in the fact that brisket is comparatively larger in every aspect. In fact, due to its tremendous size, brisket is divided into two muscles – Flat cut and Point cut!

This beast weighs up to 20 pounds and 12 pounds on average while tri tip weighs around 3 to 4 pounds on average. Tri tip comes as a single muscle and can be easily served to a family of four but if you have a huge crowd coming over, you’ll be needing more than one tri tip. Brisket, on the other hand, will not have you fretting because one brisket can serve up to a dozen people!

  • Brisket vs Tri tip – The Calories

With great sizes come great calories. However, if you take equal portions of both of these cuts they still do not have the same amount of calories! A mystery like Bermuda Triangle? I think not.

In a quarter pound, brisket comes with a total amount of 328 calories while tri tip comes with 239 calories. This difference is due to the distribution of fat content. Brisket has greater fat content as compared to the tri tip. So if you are looking for something juicy that comes in the form of meat then go for brisket, and if you are keeping an eye on your fat intake then tri tip is for you!

  • Tri tip vs Brisket – The Taste

You don’t know the importance of time and heat until you have a raw beef cut right in front of you that needs to be cooked because that’s what the taste truly depends on. Brisket and tri tip both possess beefy flavor – the only difference is the degree of flavor and the ingredients they are marinated with!

Tri tip is super flavorful with the perfect amount of beefy flavor to satisfy your cravings. The little fat content gives it a buttery taste that just melts in your mouth when you chew! Brisket, however, has a bold taste. The strong beefy flavor with an irresistibly crispy exterior and a luscious and savory interior can’t just make you keep your hands to yourself!

  • Brisket vs Tri tip – The Texture

Tri tip and Brisket come from the opposite sides of the cow with texture of their own. Brisket may appear tough and chewy but if you take things low and slow this big meat knows how to soften up and give the perfect amount of buttery texture. How? It has a fat cap that melts down in the process of cooking and gives it a perfect flavor and moisture.

On the other hand, tri tip is comparatively lean, tender and smaller in size. These special features of tri tip makes it easier to cook (less time-consuming), and the extra marbling just makes it irresistible! Make sure you cook it properly because tri tip has the tendency to get tough and chewy if not cooked properly.

  • Tri tip vs Brisket – The Time

Cooking always requires time, but how much? That depends on what exactly you are cooking. This is no contest but rather a fact that tri tip takes a lot less time to cook than brisket.

Tri tip roughly takes 1 hour to cook due to the low amount of collagen, this makes it quick to cook (as less collagen is available to overcome) and achieve the ultimate tenderness! Brisket, however, is the tough guy here. It has lots of collagen and takes up to 12 hours to completely melt away the fibers and once you manage to do it successfully, I assure you every bite will be heavenly!

The Final Beefy Battle – Which one is better, Brisket or Tri Tip?

At last the moment we all have been waiting for! We set up the most top-notch team who analyzed these two meaty creatures and came to the conclusion that it all truly comes down to one’s desire and how they define ‘better’.

However, our comprehensive comparison tells us that the winner of this beefy battle is the mighty brisket! Because brisket truly has everything that a true meat lover wants – the large size, cheaper price and the fat that gives this cut the desired juiciness. It may take hours to cook it well but once you get to take a bite of it, you will realize that hard work really pays off!

Thank you for being a part of this epic battle! Now that you are wiser in terms of meat cut, especially tri tip and brisket, it is time to go to your nearest market, get your hands on the beef cut regardless of who won the beefy battle and put your cooking skills in action and see if you could impress that one specific Irish chef in MasterChef!

Rita Williams

Rita Williams

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