Smoked brisket is a proper art form to master. If you have never smoked it before, you have some homework to do! It is essential to know the basics about brisket, how to cut it, HOW TO SMOKE BRISKET AT 225, and how long to smoke a whole piece for the first time.

If you have been smoking a brisket and wondering how to get it to turn out like a pitmaster, you are not alone. Many choose it as the first cut of meat to smoke because it is so forgiving. Contrary to popular belief, the brisket does not take 72 hours to cook. It can be ready in about 18 hours, but your patience will be rewarded.

How To Cut Brisket?

It’s easy to get carried away with those juicy fat slices of brisket, but trimming the fat is necessary.

You need to leave about 1/4 inch on it, as this is the only way the flavor of the smoke will penetrate the meat.

If you don’t trim the fat, you’ll end up with a bunch of delicious smelling fat and a bland brisket.

How To Prepare a Brisket for Smoking?

Do you dry-age your brisket?


There are some pros to it, but we have found that the process often leaves the meat dried out. We brine our piece in the refrigerator before smoking it as a solution. This extra step ensures that our product is moist and flavorful. A whole packer brisket weighs 16 to 18 pounds of beef, which takes more than an hour to come to room temperature.


When cooking beef, it’s essential to make sure it’s moist. One smart way to do this is the use of brine.

For a small amount of time, the brisket should sit in the liquid, made up of water and apple cider vinegar, among other things. The recipe also includes sugar, black peppercorns, and bay leaves. After it’s done, the brisket should be removed from the brine and then patted dry with paper towels.


Add flavors to your meat according to your taste. Use the ingredients to dry rub on all sides of the brisket.

A combination of spicy coarse ground black pepper and kosher makes it tasteful. Other optional ingredients are garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, and chipotle or paprika if you want to spice up the dish!

How Long to Smoke a Brisket at 225?

The best barbecue is cooked low and slow, with plenty of smoke. It’s a method that will add flavor to your meat and develop a moist and tender end product.

The smoker should be at a temperature of 225 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a significant number to keep in mind because it simmers the meat and makes it a perfect meal!

It takes about 1-1/2 to 2 hours per pound for a smoker set at 225 degrees to cook a packer brisket. Assuming your brisket weighs 12 pounds after trimming, plan on an 18-hour cooking session.

We want to point out that not all briskets cook at the same rate, even if they’re in the same weight range.

We recommend that you invest in a high-quality instant-read thermometer, as it will make all the difference in cooking your brisket.


Preheat your smoker to the correct temperature. Place the brisket fat-side down, and close the lid. You’ll need to cook it for about four to six hours until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. It’s important not to flip the brisket for this smoking process. Once you’ve got 160 degrees, take it out of the smoker and wrap it in aluminum foil. Pour almost one and a half cups of beef broth into the aluminum foil packet.

Return the brisket to the smoker until it reaches 205 degrees, which will take much time!

A quick tip: To have your smoker running at a consistent temperature, keep it sheltered from the elements. If you need to make adjustments often, you might want to get a new one.


When the brisket reaches 150-160 degrees, it can be stuck on that number for a while. This is when beginners might panic, thinking the meat is overcooked. In reality, this phenomenon occurs when the cooking rate matches the evaporative cooling rate of the brisket. It is cooling itself off twice as fast as the smoker can keep up with it when you think about it.

When your brisket stalls while cooking, we have an easy fix. Wrap it in foil and add a beer, cider vinegar, and butter bath for a finishing touch. With this simple solution, you can get your brisket back on track and finish it with no problems.

Wood chips to use in smoked brisket recipe

Wood chips help to add a smoky, meaty flavor to your meal. Mesquite and hickory are considered as the best flavorsome woods, while pecan, hickory, cheery are also some good recommendations from our side.

Let it rest before serving!

The resting period is integral to a perfectly cooked brisket. If you neglect the resting process, all the juices will escape and no longer remain in the meat. You can still salvage them, but the brisket will never be what it once was.

After cooking the meat to its concluded internal temperature of 195 degrees, wrap it in a double layer of aluminum foil and set it aside for 30 minutes. This will allow it to reach its full potential and redistribute its juices.

Unwrapping the brisket!

Now that you’ve got your brisket let’s get to the meat of the matter.

Follow these easy steps.

First, separate the point and flat. The point and flat have the grain running in different directions, so you’ll want to cut against it. They will come apart quickly due to the fat seam.

Get the Complete Brisket flat recipe here.

Secondly, slice against the grain in 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch slices; this bark will give it a rich dark color on the outside while still keeping the inside tender and juicy.

So, here is your unbelievably delicious meal with our exclusive smoked brisket recipe to impress your gathering. Dress it up with some mashed potatoes or sauté vegetables.

You need not neglect the consistent temperature (225 degrees Fahrenheit) and the resting time!

Taking care of these two, we assure you the best taste ever!


How long should a brisket smoke?

Make sure you plan for 18-20 hours to cook your brisket. This applies when you trim the meat, inject it, season it, and cook it. For example, if you want to make a 16-pound brisket, expect to spend 10-12 hours cooking it at 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is 225 better or 275 to smoke a brisket?

Smoker temperature 225 is more reliable to turn out the meat perfectly cooked. But it takes pretty more time than 275 as it speeds up the process but puts the meat at risk of burning if neglected for some time.

How much time does brisket take at 225?

It depends upon the weight of a piece. How long to smoke a brisket at 225 can be calculated as 1.5 hours per pound.

When to wrap a brisket?

According to our experts, you should wrap a brisket when the smoker’s internal temperature reaches up to 165-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

How would I get to know when my brisket is ready?

If you’re cooking a larger piece of meat with a perfect smoked brisket recipe, it will take 1-2 hours (approximately) to cook and reach an internal temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Unwrap and slice after 45 minutes of rest. Serve with BBQ sauce and some extra dressings!

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