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Hi, I’m Anne, the Pitmaster Behind

I’m here to guide you unlocking the secrets of unparalleled barbecue experiences. From the sizzle of the grill to the rich aroma of slow-smoked meat, my life revolves around the thrill of outdoor cooking. 

My journey with smokers started many years ago when I got my first basic charcoal grill as a birthday gift. After too many experiences with dry, bland grilled meat. Took part in several food competitions at the local level, I decided there had to be a better way. So I dove headfirst into the art of smoking and barbecue to take my grill skills up a notch. I completed my very first certification in a BBQ course (Weber certified) which gave me more confidence in this field. After that I’ve carved out my own niche as a BBQ enthusiast on with a heart full of devotion. 

Smokedhut isn’t just a website; it’s a testament to my dedication to spreading the gospel of BBQ. I’ve meticulously crafted this platform as a haven for fellow enthusiasts, from rookies to seasoned grillmasters. As this site grew, I scored press passes to the biggest BBQ events and worked my way up to judging elite competitions like the Jack Daniels Invitational.

Here, you’ll find a treasure of recipes, techniques, and insider tips that I’ve amassed over the years. Smokedhut welcomes you to embark on this flavorful journey with me. 

Hey, it’s me Rita! My love for BBQ began at an early age, learning the art of smoking meats from my dad in their small town in Texas. Weekends were filled with smoky aroma of brisket or ribs as family and friends gathered for backyard cookouts. Though I dreamed of being a writer, I never lost my passion for BBQ. 

When I moved to Austin for college, I discovered the bustling BBQ scene. I landed a part-time job as a Line Cook at one of the most popular joints, gaining experience with different smokers, rubs, and sauces. On weekends, I entered amateur competitions, quickly making a name for myself on the local circuit.

After graduation, I combined my true loves by joining as a BBQ blog. My writing talent and smoking skills proved to be the perfect recipe for success on this site. 

When a publisher approached me about writing a BBQ cookbook, I leapt at the opportunity. The rest is smoky history. I am now a 3-time cookbook author, award-winning pitmaster, certified BBQ judge, and one of the most popular on the circuit with fans and pros alike.

All while staying true to my Texas roots and family traditions, I am excited to share my smoky learning with you! 

Hi, I am self-proclaimed smoke enthusiast Rebecca. I joined the Smokedhut team to share recipes, reviews, and tips on my journey with low and slow barbecue. My unlikely career as a professional BBQ master started over a decade ago after a memorable meal during a trip to Memphis sparked an undying passion for smoked meat. 

What began as a casual hobby quickly transformed into my full-time occupation when I converted my weekend catering side hustle into a bonafide restaurant. Awards and accolades piled on, I expanded my menu and brand through bottled sauces, cookbooks, and a second brick-and-mortar location.

Now, I bring my expert palate and pitmaster prowess to the Smokedhut community. I am thrilled for the opportunity to showcase signature creations from my home smoker along with competition dishes, judging insights, and all things mouthwatering BBQ.  

New posts from me coming soon featuring my go-to ribs and pulled meat recipes just in time for summer grilling season. Stay tuned!