How to clean flat top grill or griddle -Innovative techniques

How to clean flat top grill or griddle -Innovative techniques

There is a lot of things we manage during our cooking process out of which cleaning is one the major and important step on which we should look every time. How to keep your flat top grill clean is also a major step while grilling your food .But it totally depends on you that when do you want to clean ; once a month, once a week or daily . Your routine about cleaning this can totally changes your cooking experience !

In this article I will discuss many methods and tips that how you can clean the flat top grill and will also share the best methods .

What is Flat Top Grill?

First of all knowing the right purpose of this article is also much important that what is flat top grill and what type of food we can cook on this .

Flat top grill provided you different ways to use or utilize this , we can cook steaks, BBQ or anything, a food in which we want to have a quality carbohydrates and proteins , flat top grill are absolutely perfect for getting these essential. Not even providing a different food qualities also we can use flat top grill after fitting a pans on the surface of the grill .

Often this happens to many people that they buy the flat top grill but they don’t get idea to clean it in frequent and easy ways , But it’s not a problem I am sharing some quick and best short methods through which you can clean your flat top grill within a minutes.

Use of vinegar:

Use of vinegar is custom of an old ages and much satisfying thing for cleaning . In this method we just need a vinegar for cleaning the grill.

Spread the vinegar on the whole surface of the grill ,After 2 to 3 minutes scrub the surface of the grill in the circular motion but while scrubbing keep this thing in your mind that grill shouldn’t be very hot otherwise this can be harmful for your hands .

Use of vinegar

After scrubbing for 4 to 5 minutes now you can scrape the grot and can get a shinny and glossy grill .

Mixture of Vinegar and Water :

Sometimes this happens that only vinegar cannot give you enough results because of the presence of heavy amount of grease on the flat top grill . So , in this case you just need vinegar and water in a equal amount and spread this mixture across the grill . Leave it for 4 to 5 minutes and later just scrub the surface. After scrubbing same do the process as I shared in the previous one about wasting a grot .

Pumice stone or Grill-Brick:

Both can be used for cleaning the flat top grill . If you can not get directly pumice stone so can easily purchase a grill brick because grill brick is made up of pumice stone and this is totally safe for your hands (Don’t create harm for your skin)

Method of using pumice stone or Grill-Brick:

Keep temperature high of the grill and spread the cup of oil on to the surface of grill.

Now starting scrubbing with the grill brick in circular motion until it’s get clean.

Now clean the surface of the grill and after removing the grease spread the mixture of vinegar and water on the surface for getting a rid from hardened greasy.

Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes and after that again start your scrubbing with grill brick and waste the remaining grease.

Now again spread the vinegar and water mixture on the surface of the grill and repeat the process until it’s get clean .

Method of using pumice stone or Grill-Brick

Mixture of Lemon juice and Water :

This is one of the best and fine method for cleaning. After heavy use of oil and other spices, the surface of the grill becomes hard but this mixture will be a life saver for you if you really want a polished grill. You just need one fourth of lemon quantity and three fourth of water quantity. But before starting this method you will need 2 to 3 equipment’s in this which are :

  1. Grill Scraper
  2. Grill brusher
  3. Grill cleaning pad

On the switch of the grill and keep the temperature high so in this way hardened material will be soften soon .

For filtering you will need grill scraper here and remove the waste later .

Now it’s time to spray the mixture of Lemon and Water on the grill . Now pick a grill brush and spread it on the grill. The grease and grot will take 4 to five minutes for leaving the surface.

Here you will need a grill cleaning pad after leaving for 4 to 5 minutes , with the help of grill cleaning pad you will scrub the flat top grill . Now the grease and every other waste will be removed quickly.

Grill Cleaner liquid :

If you are running out of the time and have to make something quickly, but the flat top grill is now tasting awful due to the heavy load of grease on it’s surface so Grill cleaner can easily solve your these problems within a minutes . just follow the following steps and you will definitely see a magic within minutes .

Turn on the burner of the grill and now starting to spray the grill cleaner on the hot surface , Spray for 30 to 60 seconds after that turn off the burner .

Grill Cleaner liquid

Now again spray the grill cleaner and leave for the 3 to 4 minutes . After 3 to 4 minutes you will see the results unequivocally.

Now spread the grease with the help of the grill scraper and remove the excessive wastes from the flat top grill.

Make a mixture of Lemon and water and pour on the flat top grill . Pour the water in the  grease tray with the help of grill scraper and remove the waste .

Now just pick a any oil but olive oil would be preferred and grill pad , Spread the oil on the surface and polish the flat top grill with the grill pads .

If you grill have a very hardened grease layers so then,  this method even can work for that easily .

Steam And water :

If you are against of using any kind of chemical on your flat top grill and you don’t want to take any risk so it’s totally fine because using a chemical on daily routine can damage your flat top grill and your health as well . If you haven’t clean your grill from many months and you are looking a very quick tip so then you can go for any chemical, but you still don’t want to this method is just for you!

Just turn on the grill and clean the surface roughly with the grill brush . Now spray the water and use grill brush on the surface .

Now discharge the water and again add more, spread with the help of grill brush then scrape in the grease tray. 

Repeat the process and clean the flat top grill.

Right time to clean your flat top grill !

Above I have shared many methods that how you can clean your grill but you should have also the knowledge of the right time that when your grill is need a cleaning.

Yes it’s totally depend on you that is you want the deep cleaning or a daily cleaning but a daily cleaning can safe you from many problems and can also be time saver .

Right time to clean your flat top grill !

Your griddle may look fine and clean after making food on it but this is need cleaning even after every single use , just go for a light cleaning not for a deep cleaning .

If you are not even using your griddle on regular bases so still I would recommend you to clean it with a grill pad or even you can pour a little bit oil on it and wipe it down with the help of towel simply.

Griddle cleaning:

One of the best advantage of griddle is a easy cleaning . Just scrape off the food material from the surface of the grill with the help of grill scraper and then pour some oil and spread it on the surface of grill then clean the space with grill pad or towel , Even a large surface griddle can be clean within a minutes and provide you healthy and flavor full food.


Why cleaning your flat top grill is important?

While reading the methods and the tips of cleaning the flat top grill you would must have this question in your mind , At some points you can even think that we don’t want to  clean if it’s not harming but it can cause the grease fires and food poisoning because if you will keep your griddle uncleansed for  a long time period it will definitely gives reaction . So cleaning can reduce the grease fires and also keeps your food clean and healthy.

How do you know that your flat top grill need cleaning?

People also get confused while thinking that Is their flat top grill need cleaning if yes so how would they examine , Simple  when your food will change the flavor and gives the unpleasant smell so this will be a alarming situation that your flag top grill really need a deep cleaning.


After cleaning never forget to cover your flat top grill this will definitely protect your griddle from dirt and you don’t need to be panic on next day ,

Turn off the burner carefully , wrap the flat top grill and close it accurately would charge nothing but gives a long life  stay to your flat top grill .



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